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Note: Personal Computing July/August 1977

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Personal Computing 1977 07 08 Pagina 013

''A messo parts ot nota computer ma e

Undoubtedly ANON was talking

about some of today's PC computers.

Exciting as they may be, most of them

give you a few surprises you really don't


fur example you have the board ali

wired, and suddenly it occurs lo you,

"Where's the TV interface?"

Surprise! (The TV interface is extra

and costs $200 plus.)

'' And the keyboard interface -

where's that?"

Surprise! (Add another $185 extra.)

"How about an audio cassette interface

so you can stare and enter low cost

programs and Iarge amounts of data?''

Surprise! (Add $175 more.)

"And what about software?"

Surprise! (Each program will cost

you $20 plus.)

See what we mean?

The new Sol PC Terminal Computer.

lt's a complete kit, hardware,

software and no surprises for $475.

It's the first small computer conceived

as part of a tota! system.

Not only do you get everything you

need, but our systems approach is more

economica!, too. The $475 kit (fully assembled

and tested, $745) includes ali of

the following as standard features:

Video display interface.

Keyboard interface.

Audio cassette interface.

8080 microproces sor.

512 eight bit bytes of PROM on

a plug-in personality module .

2048 eight-bit words of RAM.

A 1024 character video display


Serial and parallel interfaces for

connection to extemal devices and

an edge connector for memory


Optional extras include a power

supply, video monitor , ASCII keyboard,

walnut case, floppy disk system, high

speed paper tape reader , PROM programmer,

and color graphics interface.

We also have a library of low cosi software

that's the best and most extensive

in the industry.

In short, you get a complete,

powerful , small computer and smart

terminal that' s fully expandable to a larger

Sol system , as your requirements grow.

Surprises are great at Christmastime.

But when you're opening the box



of your new computer kit, you want

everything you need to be there.

And with Sol , it is.

To order or to gel more information

write Processor Technology, 6200

Hollis St., Box L , Emeryville , CA 94608.

(415) 652-8080.



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