Anno: 1992
Note: Amiga World Magazine (June 1992)

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CDTV  advertsing


You Won't Recognize The 
Famous Computer In This Ad. 
Or The Value. 

You'd never know the amazing things this black box can do just by looking at it 

Not only does CDTV® play your audio CDs but it can bring words, music and pictures to life 

on your television. CDTV simply connects to your TV and stereo and through its ingenious marriage 

of computer; audio and video technologies lets you play with a new generation of interactive CDs. 

CDTV is based on the Amiga® and if you buy the CDTV/P system before June 30th it 

comes with Am igaDos! a keyboard, floppy drive, mouse, Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia 1 " 

Lemmings" Appetizer pack and a savings of up to $848.00.* 

just pick up a CDTV Multimedia Player and you'll have a full I Mb Amiga 500 with the potential 

to be a home video editing system, a home reference library a children's learning tool, 

a music studio and a language learning lab. All within reach of your sofa. 

For the name of the closest authorized Amiga dealer or for your free 
CDTV Welcome Tour video tape call 1-800-66-AMIGA, in Canada, call I-800-66I-AMIGA. 

Look into CDTV Multimedia. You'll be amazed at what you see.
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